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Terms and Conditions

MHM-Tec e.K.

Am Hellrain 1A – D-63911 Klingenberg am Main (GERMANY)

1. Scope

For all offers, deliveries and services the following conditions apply exclusively, even if otherwise is conditions of the buyer unless explicitly indicated. Different conditions are only binding if they have been agreed in writing.

2. Offers

We basically have no minimum order. All quotations are in terms of price and delivery option is always binding, not binding and without shipping charges and without legal value added tax.
The sale remains our principle, even when binding offers, and completeness. Oral, telephonic or obtained by representatives made pledges and agreements only with our written confirmation of its validity.
With regard to the delivery of our written commitments apply only on condition such as this from our manufacturers and suppliers can be met.
For rush orders, we reserve the right to a premium of at least 30% of the order. For the correctness and completeness of illustrations, drawings and details of technical data and values, price publications, we assume no liability. With self-generated data, data sheets, graphs, tables, pictures, drawings, pictures, websites, products, we reserve the copyright.

3. Order and Order Acceptance

With the order is established between the client / buyer and supplier is a legally binding contract to be able to be confirmed in writing does not necessarily need. The buyer / client in any case be liable for the accuracy and completeness of its order to the contractor. We reserve the right to make the adoption and implementation of the order of a reasonable deposit or full payment when placing the order. This is especially true when it concerns goods and / or products that are not camp - and / or Sortimentswaren, even if these are published in our price lists and quotations need to be purchased or produced first.
The withdrawal of custom procured and / or production of goods and / or products is excluded.

4. Delivery

Delivery times are generally not binding. Written for delivery confirmed Sortimentswaren start the business day following the orders / working and are then met if the goods to be supplied have been given the confirmed date for shipping. Partial deliveries are permissible. Withdraw Unpredictable delivery obstacles, no matter what the type and origin, whether in-house and / or which entitle the subcontractor to us all or part of the contract.
If a deposit or advance payment has been provided, this amount will be refunded immediately and without interest. Claims for damages against us, no matter what the type and origin, are excluded.

5. Shipping and Handling

The dispatch takes place at the discretion of the contractor without any liability for cheapest shipping. Is there a special dispatch to the customer and / or shipping form, then additional costs resulting therefrom will solely at its expense. All deliveries and any returns are made exclusively at the expense and risk of the customer / buyer.
Insurance is optional and charged to the customer.
If the principal of his arrival and purchase obligation is not filed or after, he is liable in any event for any resulting additional costs, transportation and storage risks.

6. Prices, payment and late payment

All prices are generally not binding and are quoted in euros ex works. Exclusively the prices valid on the day of delivery, or the prices that we have confirmed in writing and are not older than 60 days since our written tender. Shipping and VAT are not included in our prices and are calculated separately. Charges are, regardless of any notices of defect within 14 days from the invoice date without any deductions.
Accepting checks and credit cards as payment, we are not required. For bank charges, costs and expenses in foreign payments, we charge an additional 6.50 euros per order.
Excluding these charges, the payments within the EU.
A lien or offset any counterclaims, for whatever reason, is expressly excluded. Payment occurs if and only if we can have at the time agreed not without loss on the invoice, without being required a separate reminder.
With the introduction of the interest payment immediately in the amount of currently 8.5% pa due for payment. Hereby created for the administrative expenses of any court reminder, we generally calculate a cost of 10, - Euro. For payment, we are now freed from any further delivery, performance and possible damage claims of third parties from all existing contracts.

7. Retention of title

We reserve the property and the extended claim ownership of all delivered by our products and goods (conditional goods) until full payment of all claims under all contracts of our business relationship.

8. Defects

If a defect is discovered, then we are dismissed within 10 days of receipt of the goods in writing and with an exact description. Received late notification of defects will not be considered. Defects can not be accepted, if not cost us immediately and all charges assessed the terms of flawed merchandise is made possible. Incorrectly ordered goods are generally not recognized as a defect and therefore can not be taken back. For complaints acknowledged by us, we reserve the right to repair, replacement or refund the purchase price.
Disallowed defects will be charged back. Any further claims against us, no matter what the type and origin, are expressly excluded.

9. Performance and Jurisdiction

For all offers, contracts, supplies and services shall be deemed fulfillment of our company as agreed. Should it unexpectedly lead to legal disputes should apply to both parts of the District Court or Court of Aschaffenburg as agreed. Expressly applies to all contracts governed by German law.

10. Privacy

Under Data Protection Act we would point out that data from transactions are stored in our computer system and not given to any third party, unless we are dealing with a legal request or an appropriate statutory authority, subpoena, statute or court order.


In our products we give you 2 years warranty on material defects. Of these signs of wear are excluded on material surfaces.

12. Final Provisions

If a single destination to be void, all the rest remain unaffected. It is the most current version of our terms and conditions at the time of publication.